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Load One Rolls Out E-Pay Carrier Settlement System

Wed, Sep 7th, 2011 12:00:00 am

Load One, LLC is pleased to announce the implementation of Epay Manager, an electronic payment system designed specifically for the transportation industry. This online system eliminates the need to create and mail invoices and proof of delivery documents, which in turn eliminates the time invoices and checks spend in the mail. Using this system will allow your company to receive payments faster.

Participation in this electronic payment program will be mandatory for all carriers with a United States bank account. This will be the official Accounts Payable process for Load One.

Please register your company online at www.epaymanager.com by clicking the Free Carrier Registration button and selecting Load One on the form. If you use a factoring company, please keep that in mind when registering. You will need to use their banking information for the electronic payments to be sent to them. To view a demo go to http://www.epaymanager.com/demonstration.html

Your cutoff date will be for all loads delivered on or after September 1, 2011. From that date forward, Load One will no longer accept paper invoices or delivery documents. Everything will be processed through Epay Manager.

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