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John Elliott – April 7, 2017

When a customer entrusts a carrier to haul their freight cargo coverage is generally provided by the motor carrier to protect the customer. When a customer entrusts freight that is going to be brokered to a third party carrier....this is where coverage gets much trickier.

In the event of a cargo claim the broker will file a claim on behalf of the customer with the motor carrier. The customer's claim is now in the hands of a third party insurance company that the customer has no relation with. They must wait for this claim to be handled and the broker has little ability to affect the timing or handling of the claim. This process can be VERY frustrating for a customer, especially if the claim is denied or underpaid. Some brokers will attempt to protect their customer with a backstop product like contingent cargo. But this only possibly responds if and when the carriers insurance refuses to pay for limited reasons such as non-payment of premium. Should they pay anything to the customer, contingent will not trigger or respond. It does not act as additional or excess insurance, nor does it provide broader coverage terms than what the 3rd party carriers insurance provides.

So how can you reduce exposure and mitigate risk for your company? Simple solution is to entrust Load One for your brokerage needs. We are changing the game again by working with our insurance providers to come up with a solution! We now have primary brokerage cargo insurance. In the event of a cargo claim your claim is handled by Load One's team no matter if we hauled the freight on a Load One vehicle or if we brokered to another carrier. Our insurance company will manage and handle the claim quickly and efficiently for you. This removes you from dealing with third party companies and their insurance companies and puts the work on our team.

We are proud to offer this innovative new insurance coverage to once again go above and beyond to protect our customers and make Load One the best choice for your expedite and truckload shipping needs!

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